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11-03-2010: Excite Stage Indoor League

Date: 11-03-2010
Time: 11:34pm PT

Hello everyone! I know this site isn't completely done yet, but I have to announce that our Excite Stage JLeague 96 indoor league has started! I want to take this chance to promote our league.

Those who have played or are still playing this beautiful game and would like to join, feel free to email me at shuu (at) la-gias.com, just change the (at) to the symbol @ and it is fine.

We currently have four players participating and it's a 4-minute setting, manual keeper (that one is important). Home and away games will be alternated. Scoring we have 2 points for a win, 1 for extra time loss and 0 for a loss in regulation time. More rules will be explained as more requests come in. Once there are more players coming in, say when we have a total of 8 to 10, we will consider changing to 3 points for a win and keeping the rest the same.

Take a minute and go to our League page and take a look at some of our rules and results.

Hurry! Come join the fun now!!!



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